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Welcome to Cabo Kitchen Catering

Catering, private chef and butler services in Cabo Mexico.

Cabo Kitchen is a personalized services company located in the beautiful Cabo Mexico. Commited to provide the highest standards of quality, care and service.

We've been in the business for than five years, offering quality catering and professional chef and butler services, serving to the most distinguished, demanding and important clients from all over the world. Cabo Kitchen builds more everyday as one of the companies listed and serving among the most exclusive areas of Cabo.

A highly qualified partnership with top companies in the area, helps Cabo Kitchen provide the best of the best in order to satisfy any expectations of our selected guests.

It is our mission to provide unique experiences, where any of our guests can really have the time and freedom to build and enjoy memorable times together.

  • Start your holiday each morning with a newly fact breakfast in your robe comfort.
  • Snack or lunch next to pool without leaving your suntan.
  • End with the best candelelight dinner and much more...

At Cabo Kitchen, the rest, joy and fun of our guests are the most important of all; so, don't you worry about reservations, transportation, shopping or any other detail, "we take care of everything".

Tell us more about your needs for your vacations by sending us your requests, we can surely help you have an amazing time in Cabo!..